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Do Music Producers really need to buy pirated software?

Posted by raynbrotherhood@gmail.com on June 27, 2014 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (18)

This is a question which all the software companies have been asking ever since the advent of computer music technology.

I have been a Composer, Music Producer for more than 10 years in the music industry. I have seen computer music evolving from the time when Digidesin Session 8 was available ( 8 Digital Audio tracks was a huge deal when that came out) to the multitrack monster workstation that we have today.

Honestly , in todays time buying pirated stuff or even downloading pirated software from the net if foolishness. i will explain as we move on. Lets look at the options avaibale -

1) Native instruments Komplete 9 - http://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/bundles/komplete-9. It cant get better than this for only 399 USD. One look on the description link and you will easily know that you do not need any Vsti/Fx plugin once you buy this package. Anybody who wants to start their carrer in the music industry can easily do so with this package. You can do jingles, television scores, independent films and short films basically whatever music style you can think of, with this bundle. And ya, btw it also has 8GB of Vienna sounds :-)

2) The recently announced Air Advanced music production pacakge http://airmusictech.com/advance/. OMG! this is a monster package for 599 USD. It has everything and by that i literally mean everything you need to produce any genre of music. It ships with a hard drive and software worth 5000 USD. Please have a look and you will know what i am talking.

Now compare the scenario with pirated software available. I did a bit of research on this and found out that not only you have to take your computer to get your software installed but also leave the machines at the installer's place for a day and he will install and give the machine back to you. Now that is very very risky. I know of a student who paid Rs 25,000/- ( that is right - almost as much as the legal version of Air advanced ) to get the pirated software installed on his brand new Mac mini and guess what! after only a week his hard drive crashed and he lost all his data. A visit to the Apple service centre revealed to him that his machine was handled roughly and even had gone through power spikes.To top it all there is no " guarantee" on the pirated software, so if you loose you data, you have to pay again to install. Thankfully his machine was covered under warranty, so the drive was replaced but then after that what? data recovery Rs. 12,000/- ( again no " guarantee") or get it reinstalled for a " Concessional" price of Rs. 20,000/- He would end up paying close to Rs. 40,000/- when he could have got both the above packages for slighly more amount ( 10k more ). i hope that you appreciate the point i am trying to make.

Next argument is that i get 1 tb for 25k and this bundle is only 120gb. Please note that 1 Tb is full of crappy stuff which you do not require in the first place. Secondly, the versions are outdated so they wont work with the latest OS. You cant update the software. With each update the software makers release so many new features, upgrade to sound quality, stability, compatibilty which you would be missing. In this bargian what you loose iis the most important in music making, peace of mind. Pirated software always keeps on crashing and there is no superstition or rocket science to explain that. Plain and simple the versions which you get are dated and so old that they become incompatible with nearly every OS or even if they are the "latest" as claimed by these software bandits, it will not work stable for the reason that the companies spend thousands of dollars on copy protection and it is not that easy to crack such complex security algorithms. There is surely something left and that is why these pirated software crash so often.

I would like to end this post by thinking that any student who reads this thinks twice before getting into pirated stuff. As for the professionals who earn millions and still shamelessly use pirated software, its upto their moral makeup. Why they need to do it, is something i cannot really comprehend!